Illegal vaccines endanger the eradication of African swine fever in Asia

“Illegal vaccines endanger the eradication of African swine fever in Asia”


The magazine specialised in animal health has recently interviewed the coordinator of the VACDIVA project in his office at the Complutense University of Madrid. There the Professor of Animal Health has discussed different current issues related to ASF, its possible entry into Spain, the development of the VACDIVA project, or the «false vaccines» that are being developed in China.
Another of the topics highlighted during the interview was the sponges developed at the VISAVET research centre, which, according to Vizcaino, are capable of detecting the ASF virus on surfaces and which, according to the researcher, would be very useful in preventing the entry of ASF in means of transport during the importation of animals from other countries, as for him the importation of live animals and food from other countries is currently the greatest threat faced by ASF-free countries.


He also spoke of the key biosecurity measures to stop the spread of the virus. For Vizcaino, the awareness of the livestock sector and other agents involved in the pig industry is for the VACDIVA coordinator the basis for the control and eradication of the ASF pandemic. The professor is optimistic when talking about the future vaccine, and affirms that the trials have had very good results to date both in wild boar and domestic pigs, although he stresses that in order to avoid problems such as those that have arisen in Asia with false vaccines and the emergence of new strains, the vaccine will not be released until it is confirmed that it is 100% safe and reliable.

Despite this optimism, Vizcaino stresses that the COVID-19 pandemic has had consequences on the development of the VACDIVA project research, especially affecting some working groups. Despite this, in statements to the magazine, Vizcaino declared that we have come out of the adversities stronger.

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