The main objective of VACDIVA is to solve the African swine fever (ASF) problem in Europe and affected countries, by developing three safe and effective vaccines for domestic pigs and wild boars, their companion DIVA tests and effective tools for control and eradication strategies in Europe.


Besides the commitment of the two industrial companies, VACDIVA counts with the expertise of two world ASF Reference Laboratories (WRC), the EU reference laboratory (EURL), six EU national Reference Laboratories (of 6 out of the 10 countries currently affected with ASF) and three prestigious ASF research institutions (FMV, MPG and WBVR). Dissemination, networking and training will be enlarged with the participation of pig producers (ECVC, COAG) and hunters (CIC as member of the Advisory Board).



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▶️As the world puts the spotlight on the #COVID__19 crisis, #ASF deaths worldwide are expected to surpass the 2019…
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▶️The number of infected #wildboars in #Europe🇪🇺 has increased in the first quarter of 2020. In #Romania🇷🇴 ,…