Activities Postponed by Covid-19

Many activities, meetings and workshops have had to be cancelled, postponed or held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The world has had to adapt to this new situation and so have the partners of VACDIVA.


A workshop addressed to European farmers and hunters was planned last September. The aim of the event was to advise participants about prevention and biosecurity measures against African Swine Fever and also to inform about the vaccine development project. The event, which will finally take place in 2021, face-to-face if possible, at the La Llotja facilities in Lleida, will bring together a large number of farmers and hunters from all over Europe.


An important event that had to be held online due to the pandemic was the Full Consortium Meeting of the project, which was going to take place last November in the Netherlands. Consortium meetings are the main yearly meetings of all partners of VACDIVA. A summary of the progress made to date is presented and what remains to be done to achieve the objectives of the project within the established deadlines is planned. We hope that next year, instead of a screen, we will all be able to see each other in person.

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