VACDIVA team collaborates in the fight against COVID-19

From the VACDIVA team we want to launch a message of support to all those who are currently working to end the COVID-19 crisis, and also to encourage those who stay at home by keeping quarantine in a responsible way to avoid further contagion.


Thanks also to our partners, who despite their focus on the ASF virus are currently working with the authorities in their respective countries to try to control the pandemic. This is the case, for example, of IZSUM in Italy; INGENASA, CISA and VISAVET in Spain; WBVR in the Netherlands; NFVRAI in Lithuania; or BIOR in Latvia, who are developing diagnostic tests for COVID-19. MSD, in turn, has decided to keep its manufacturing and clinical supply plants open around the world. Horizcience is also providing administrative management support both to research groups that have applied for projects related to COVID-19 and to those already working on projects related to the virus. In addition, in Germany, the Max Research Center will test the effectiveness of a vaccine against infections with the new virus.


We hope that thanks to the efforts we are making and the collaboration of the different institutions and the good work of the citizens this situation will be solved as soon as possible.


Courage to all.

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